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1984 Renault Turbo 2 For Sale in Wisconsin

Renault Turbo 2 fans rejoice, for there is another stateside example for sale and it’s a beaut! Take a look at Jeff’s 1984 Renault T2 For Sale:

quote from Jeff about his car:

Here is my R5 with the new wheels installed. It runs and drives perfectly and looks great. It has approx 42,000 kilometers and would be a great addition to any collection. I would like $35,000 with standard wheels or $37,000 with both sets. A good friend of mine bought his 84 in blue a year ago for $48,000 on the East coast and I have to say although his is nice, mine is nicer.

Thanks for contacting me Jeff, and good luck with the sale — the car looks fantastic!

Contact Jeff about his T2 For Sale

And here is an older post with some good links on further information on the Turbo 2 from Renault.