If I Win Powerball, I Think I’ll Get a 90GTi

King Air C90GTi that is.

Hawker Beechcraft C90GTi King Air

The missus and I just finished a weekend road trip in the 5’er to Vancouver for a night at the Heathman Lodge. On the way back down I-5, we saw the sign for the $143mil Powerball and started fantasizing about what we’d do with a net of like $35mil, after cash up front (50%) and taxes (~50%). At the top of my list would be flying lessons to get my license and acquire a King Air to fly us and our friends around the west coast.

A 30k foot ceiling and pressurized cabin allows us to fly over the weather. Leather seating for six plus pilot, and even a lavatory makes for a comfortable ride. A 1200mi range at 300 miles per hour would allow us to easily hit the Bay Area, or Seattle, or Vegas, in less than a day.

Hawker Beechcraft C90GTi King Air

It’s fun to dream and it made the miles melt away pretty quickly. What crazy vehicle expenditure would you make?