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Road Trip to SBK at Miller Motorsports Park

13 hours 20 minutes later, we have arrived in Salt Lake City for the SBK racing at Miller Motorsports Park this weekend. I have to say that this is one of the longest road trips I’ve taken in some time, but the XC70 was a really comfortable and capable car for this journey.

Paul and I are here to enjoy the races as is now an official supporter of the Moto Forza Veloce Racing Aprilia team! Keep an eye on the RSBFS Facebook page for some live blogging and pictures from the pits.

Here are some snapshots from our long day on the road:

Decals applied the night before (new logo coming soon!)


Freaking cold over the pass!


A stop for lunch in the middle of nowhere


Lunch done right on the road


We were treated to beautiful vistas like this all day long


Lame self portrait in progress


Arrival at the hotel! If I was a little dumber I would’ve waited for 9:16 😉


A proper unwinding after a long drive: Pokerstars, Heineken, and deli plate


And ready for tomorrow’s action


The Moto Forza Veloce Racing team heads out early for qualifying tomorrow morning at 8:30 and we’re going to make a serious effort to be there — and hopefully see them positioned in the top 10 in a field of 45 (17/45 today).

Good night all!


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A Trip to Mary’s Peak in Our Newly Acquired Volvo XC70

Just a quick post to pimp out our new Soccer Mom ride, a 2002 Volvo XC70 Cross Country:

A quick side trip with Paul and his wife to Van Duzer Winery:
2002 Volvo XC70 at Van Duzer Winery

And the next day we hit Mary’s Peak for a little hike in the snow with our St. Bernard:
2002 Volvo XC70

2002 Volvo XC70

2002 Volvo XC70

As you can tell, we have fallen in love with this car! The e28 535 has been a great car to us, but it was time for my wife to get something nice considering how hard she works for it. Shana is so enamoured with the car that she’s actually going to start her own blog based around our trips in that car. I’m really excited for her and eager to help her with her first blog!


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Small Gallery from the Euros in the Valley Car Show 2009

Paul was one of the organizers behind this year’s Euros in the Valley car show. Naturally I had to attend and I was really surprised with the great turnout. Here are my personal favs from the show:

Scirocco MK2 owned by Josh from Sports Car Shop:
Euros in the Valley 2009 Scirocco MK2

Check out the uber rare Zender fan covers! I’m going to have to go back to the VW&Porsche archive to see if I can find an original ad for these. I hear the rims underneath are just as impressive.
Euros in the Valley 2009 Zender Fan Disc Covers

Darren’s sweet e30 325ic, which has been brought back from the dead, literally! Great job man!
Euros in the Valley 2009 BMW e30 325i Cabriolet Alpina

This BMW 3.0CS was in fantastic shape:
Euros in the Valley 2009 BMW 3.0CS

I finally got to see Richard’s e21 320i that I posted on German Cars For Sale Blog. The first real e21 buyer that comes along is going to buy this car. No negotiation required as $3200 is more than fair!
Euros in the Valley 2009 BMW e21 320i

Paul’s Porsche 911SC looks like one of the standouts at this years show:
Euros in the Valley 2009 Porsche 911SC

My personal pick for best of show was this bus. Totally perfect in every way:
Euros in the Valley 2009 Bus 500 Windows

Though a close second would be this Sahara BMW 2002:
Euros in the Valley 2009 BMW 2002 Sahara

Here’s a gallery of all the cars I took pics of:

Nice event! Looking forward to participating more in the coming year,


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1965 Volvo 544 For Sale in Corvallis

I spotted this car a couple of weeks ago on the side of the road with the for sale sign in the window. As a previous owner of three Volvo’s (144S, 145S, 244) I was intrigued. But I also recall that my Dad had one of these very early 544’s when he was in college, and since it’s his birthday today, I figured all the more appropriate.

Happy 63 Dad! Let me know if I should pick it up on the way home tonight 😉


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1980 Volvo 242GT: Awesome and Unmolested Original!

I spotted this great looking example on VWVortex while surfing the other night and IM’d the owner. Turns out it’s for sale in Connecticut for only $6500:

1980 Volvo 242GT For Sale on Swedespeed:

quote from the poster’s listing:

up for sale is my stepdads 242 GT. The car is in great shape. The interior is 10 out of 10, the exterior is an 8. The car is all original and a one owner car. The car was bought by my step dad in 1980. the car had 180k on it but it was mostly driven during the summer time and garaged in the winter.

the car comes with.

ARE mesh wheels, 2 peice.( bbs RS reps) new tires.
Original 5 spoke GT Wheels. all of them just refinished.
OEM GT lip spoiler
Rear bushing SET
400 dollars in tech manuals.
2 extra VDO GT gauge clusters.
2 recaro seats( one had a hole in the backing due to chemical burn
hella ralle 1000 black magic driving lights
anything else i can think of i will post

car also has a full bilstein suspension. We also rebuilt the overdrive last year with the IPD rebuild kit. Car has had synthetic oil changes every 3k. also comes with a nardi steering wheel

located in simsbury CT.

Not only am I super fan of the early 240 series cars (I owned 3 of them), but I dare you to find a cooler 80’s classic for $6500 in this condition! This car has the very rare aeronautical gauge set which I’ve only seen in one other car, the perfect ARE mesh wheels to compliment, and is a 2 door GT model, which is rare in it’s own right. The only 240 series more sought after is the flat nose turbo, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen one for sale.

Good luck with the sale hustle-dubs!